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Anonymous asked:
what do you think about anti larry ppl who say they aren't anti larry but anti-tinhat blogs? that they only care when peolpe are tinhatting and being disrespectful and harassing the boys?
whatiwishicould replied:

Lmao. They’re anti larry. They don’t care about ziam “tinhats” they don’t care about hazoff or gryles or narry or anyyyy other “tinhats”. They only care when it’s about H&L. It’s only wrong when it’s H&L, they’ll only call it out as “disrespectful” or “harassment” when it’s H&L. 

And the idea that they’re against disrespect and harassment… lmao. They’re hypocrites and they’re gross. They don’t care about the disgusting tweets ppl send them about wanting to fuck them or wanting to rape them. They don’t care when ppl post nasty things on Perrie’s instagram. They don’t care when a fucking book is being published that paints Harry as nothing but abusive and cruel. They only “care” when people think Harry and Louis are in a relationship. It’s pathetic and old, and they’re just nasty tbh.

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It shouldn’t be a surprise, the first time that Louis drops to his knees in front of Harry. It shouldn’t be, because it’s been something that Louis has needed for a long time. It shouldn’t be, because he’s been crawling out of his skin for weeks on end. It shouldn’t be, because Harry always makes him feel better. It shouldn’t be, because he’s needed this even when he didn’t know that he needed it.

Somehow, it still is.

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i’m still in shock that there is an actual group of people on this website that have nothing better to do than to try to prove that there is a secret gay relationship in a boy band. 


do people know this post has so many notes because of the added photo right? lol

nobody could have been LOVE more than Harry I am in love since I was 16 I know what Love is I know what it feels like I know every aspect of love i’ve lived every aspect of love I have 8 journals about love I write songs about love I’m in love with love and love things love is beautiful i love love Styles



My friend made a petition to help try and stop the creation of the After Movie. Fans of One Direction should not want Harry to be seen in the light that After portrays him in. Every signature helps.

Sign the petition here

i didn’t even sign it for that reason. i signed it because it is a sexist book that glorifies abusive and manipulative relationships. not only is it poorly written, it is very dangerous. this SHOULD NOT be made in to a movie, let alone published at all.

Anonymous asked:
Liam-power, Zayn-mystery, Harry-Love. What do you think Louis' word will be?

Judging by his character, I think he’ll be something like Craziness/Humour. Also, he was seen with that monkey, so his word will probably be something along those lines

Anonymous asked:
I agree with you i don't necessarily think Simon Cowell screwed Louis and Harry over. Above all else Simon is a realist with his eyes firmly fixed on the prize. The end result of which will be maintaining connections with 1D and Harry and Louis and their potential earnings/ influence. They will eventually come out and their influence/ fame and earning potential will be massive. Simon will want a piece of that pie. Louis is cultivating their connection with Simon for a reason, mutual gameplay.
verily-i-say replied:

Totally agree. I think Simon Cowell loves money and talent and especially loves people who have the latter in spades, but recognise that that’s not all they need in order to get the former. That definitely describes 1D. 

Particularly with the way we’ve recently seen Simon step up to the plate with twitter promo for Steal My Girl, and his frequent mentions of One Direction and Louis on The X Factor, as well as Louis’ cameo on the show, I think it’s pretty safe to say that “Uncle Simon” is squarely in their corner.