Hellllloooooooo!!!! So school is starting soon (or has already started) and that really sucks so we (Zoë and Sophie) decided that a Winter/Holiday anonymous Harry and Louis fic exchange was in order!

A fic exchange is when one person submits a prompt for a fic they want someone to write and this person also receives a prompt from someone else to write. If you sign up for a fic exchange, expect to be submitting a prompt and writing a fic. You have to do both if you sign up.

Sign ups open today (August 19th) and close September 5th. Your assignments will be emailed to you before September 13th. Once you receive your assignments, you will have until Saturday December 13th to write your fic, have it betaed, and submit it. That’s exactly 3 months! It’s kind of a long time, but with the added stress of school we thought it was appropriate.


  • This is an anonymous fic exchange, and to keep it fun remember not to reveal what fic you wrote!
  • This is a winter fic exchange but the fic you write doesn’t necessarily have to be holiday or winter based!
  • That being said, at least one of the prompts you submit has to be winter or holiday based! There’s no guarantee the person who receives your prompts will write that prompt, but it increases the chances for it.
  • When you sign up, you must include THREE prompts, minimum. More are always welcome! Have twenty, if you want!
  • Along with your three plus prompts, you’ll be including a description of what you want and are capable of writing. If you’re better at writing AUs, say that! If you don’t want to write anything sport-related, say that! Be as specific as possible in your description and tags. This is very important because this is what will be used to match you with prompts.
  • The minimum word count is 3000 words.
  • If you feel that you need to withdraw from the exchange, please contact Zoë or Sophie as quickly as possible. We will arrange a pinch-hitter to write one of the prompts you were assigned.
  • If you want to be a pinch-hitter, please contact either of the mods so that we know who is available!
  • To sign up you must have an Ao3 account.
  • Also, if you don’t feel that you can complete your fic before the deadline but you don’t want to withdraw completely, message either of the moderators and we will set up an extension for you.

So, if this all sounds like your cup of tea, you can sign up on the HL Winter Fic Exchange profile. In the right corner there will be a series of grey buttons, click on the one that says Sign Up. The profile also has the rules of the exchange and all the important dates!

Also, if you’re confused by the sign up page, here is an example to help guide you!

If you have any questions not answered by this post, please send us a message on or off anon on our fic exchange tumblr ask page.

There is no such thing as too many sign ups! We want as many as possible! If you don’t plan on signing up, reblogging anyway would be super great so that we can get the word out farther! If there’s someone you know who’s not on tumblr, let them know! No one is excluded. Who doesn’t love cute H/L fics? If anything, just reblog for the beautiful edit made by Zoë herself (but don’t remove the text, please.)

We’re very excited about this and we hope you are as well!

**Note** we are in no way affiliated with the summer fic exchange! We both wrote for it and thought it was a lot of fun and wanted to make one of our own :)

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Anonymous asked:

What rec blog do you use? If you use any of course
Anonymous asked:

I started reading your fic and I couldn't keep my comment away but are you ever gonna relate Louis with the song "take me to church" by Hozier?

Oh my God this is amazing !

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Hi everyone! Dani and I (Kalyssa) have seen many fic exchanges floating around and came up with an idea for an autumn bottom louis fic exchange! Sign-ups are open now until September 10th, with a possible extension! 

This exchange will be anonymous until all submissions have been posted. Once you’ve been assigned your prompt, you will know the ao3 account of the person you’re writing for, you won’t know who is writing yours. Please do not reveal your fic or contact who you’re writing for till the end, keep it fun and anonymous!

This fic exchange will be any pairing including Louis, though we estimate a majority of Louis/Harry. Check this tumblr for any updates.

Thank you to yourssincerelylarry for letting us use their edit and coloring it for us!


  • Stay anonymous, do not reveal your fic, or contact the person you are writing for to keep this fun and anonymous!
  • Submit at least three prompts
  • 2000 word count minimum (longer is always welcome!)
  • Please contact one of us if you need to withdraw!
  • If you want/are willing to write more than one let one of us know!
  • The fic doesn’t have to be pure smut! Feel free to add a plot. But you must have at least one detailed smut scene.


  • Instructions are in the sign-up, if you are still confused, refer to below. 
  • Contact Dani or I, via tumblr or kik. (My kik is princesskalyssa, and Dani’s is danielleg_28) 
  • You may also email us at bottomlouisexchange@gmail.com


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Nashville, Tennessee | 8/19

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ah yes, a good bedtime story *pulls up hardcore 18+ fanfic*

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should we talk about it? 



CREDITS:  x, x, x, xx
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What is something that one of the boys have and you don’t?…Something you’re jealous of? (x)

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Louis’ two favorite things:

  1. Harry
  2. Harry with children
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from this..


to this..



Fuck my heart

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